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Choose the Crossliftor Fight MMA range, used by top UFC fighters such as Benoît Saint Denis, to equip your garage or professional gym. Designed in Europe and using the finest materials, Crossliftor Fight equipment includes everything a fighter needs, such as punching bags, boxing gloves, MMA cages and more.

And in a major revolution in the world of MMA sports equipment, discover the Velcro Boxing Wall! An inventive fighting system to practice alone or with a coach and develop MMA automatisms and combinations.

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How to equip yourself for MMA?

When you enter the cage, or simply at home, in a club or training session, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts ) equipment is one of the factors that will determine your performance and the quality of your preparation.

Complete equipment list

Here are our suggestions for your MMA equipment list if you're a beginner or a fighter at any level:

Gloves: the right size, we'll give you instructions on how to choose them below.
MMA shorts: polyester or microfiber, sturdy, suitable for practice and lightweight.
Gum shield: indispensable and compulsory, molding is very important for your comfort.
MMA helmet: for training, if you need protection, and for more intense sparring, a mask with visor for complete protection.
Shell: essential and compulsory too.
Shin guards: to protect both you and your opponent.

Want to equip yourself at home? We recommend you add the following MMA equipment:

- a velcro boxing wall crossliftor!
- a punching bag and/or grappling bag!

For your MMA training and sparring

Outside of competitions, which have a very specific regulatory framework, the equipment needed for training is less restrictive, although we generally advise you to take the same thing to get used to it. If, however, you're looking for a more relaxed approach without going for overly intense sparrings, you'll need at least a pair of gloves, mittens, shin guards, a shell and a mouth guard. On the other hand, if your aim is to be at ease in combat, equip yourself and train under real conditions, whether in sparring or physical preparation.

For your official fights

For official MMA fights, women should wear a chest protector and appropriate clothing over it. For men, a jockstrap. Whatever your gender, you'll need mittens, mouthguards and thin bands like the strap to protect your hands. Last but not least, you'll need combat shorts to ensure freedom of movement during wrestling and grappling. Specially designed shorts or tighter cycling-type shorts may be appropriate. Don't forget that each MMA organization may have different rules concerning equipment.

Our recommendations for choosing your equipment?

How should I dress for MMA?

For your MMA training, choose lightweight, comfortable clothing. As you can see from the professionals, they opt for compression shorts without pockets or zippers, made from breathable materials. This minimizes the risk of snagging while providing maximum freedom of movement.

How to choose your fight gloves?

MMA fighters use lightweight gloves that offer effective protection while allowing the freedom of movement needed for grappling and ground fighting.

In boxing and Muay Thai, gloves are heavier for training and sparring, to optimize protection and shock absorption. The choice of gloves depends on the weight of the fighter, the intensity and frequency of training, and the level of practice. The quality of the material, the type of closure, the design and the brand are also important criteria, influencing the durability, comfort and protection offered by the gloves, essential for preventing injury.

Crossliftor - your online MMA equipment store

As long-time martial arts and MMA enthusiasts and practitioners, we were keen to create an in-house range to offer you quality items, designed in France and at the best prices. Crossliftor Fight completes our full range of equipment for sports preparation, the two being inseparable in the development of a fighter. All our online MMA items are available for delivery to your home, club or anywhere in France.