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The Shop by Crossliftor, the 1st real 100% Functional Fitness store in France

A unique concept in France on 5 000m² gathering 3 universes in a Hangar with an artistic decoration:

- A store open to the public: A showroom to see, touch, feel, drop, jump... and leave with your toys of course
- A crash test area: Test 100% of the products on site, from the gym potholder to the weightlifting bar
- headquarters: Place your order online and pick it up at Click & Collect. The stock displayed on the website is the same as the one in the store.

The concept and the deep will of HangArt could be summarized in one sentence, coined by Pierre de Coubertin: "a fiery spirit in a fit body". 

What can you buy in the store?

For the first time in France we have the chance to find a store dedicated to our sport and our passion. You can choose among hundreds of products references. Among others, we find small workout equipment such as speed rope, accessories, knee/wrist/hand protections, mobility and massage. But also clothes to train in style, for both men and women. And above all, the equipment that has made CrossLiftor famous, namely everything to equip your Garage Gym or your box: equipped Rigs, bars and weightlifting plates, squat racks and benches, gymnastics equipment, everything for conditioning, strongman equipment, new kids range, etc.

But that's not all, the CrossLiftor "gear" is 100% testable... Do pull ups with your new grips on a Crossliftor rig, snatch one of the 20 olympic bars of the range on the spot, lie on a bench and push a bench press reps, throw a 90kg strongman bag on the technical floor, or even do Karen at the wall ball shot if you want...

Opening hours :

The Shop by CrossLiftor is open from Monday to Friday 10am-12:30pm / 2pm-5pm.

The Store, Contact :

Address : 320 rue Eugène Chevreul, 13340 ROGNAC, FRANCE

Access : 5 min from Marseille airport, 10 min from Aix en Provence TGV railway station, 20 min from Aix en Provence city center, 15 min from Marseille city center

Phone : 09 86 27 77 30

Mail :