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Rowing machine

Rowing Machines Available for Delivery I Crossliftor

Would you like to equip your cubicle or gym, or work on your muscular endurance and cardio at home with professional equipment? The rowing machine is one of the best-known ergometers, durable and above all highly versatile.

Air rowing machines, magnetic resistance rowing machines, or a combination of the two for even better pulling power, as on our brand-new Rower Star model. CrossLiftor offers you the best equipment for working out your endurance. You'll find all the latest CrossLiftor and Concept 2 products available for delivery anywhere in France. All our rowing machines have been designed to be practical and fit in small spaces.

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Which rowing machine to choose?

When it comes to choosing a rowing machine, as is often the case, it all depends on your objectives and your environment. If you want to row, a water rower will give you a more realistic feeling. But these models are more demanding (maintenance, treated water, noise...) and we don't offer them for sale, especially for home installation. The best-performing, long-lasting rowing machines are equipped with air and magnetic systems, which are quieter. Here are some of the models on our page to suit your needs.

Rower exercise rower

Our brand-new Rower model is a rower designed to be installed at home, even in an apartment, as its system makes it easy to fold up and the frame is mounted on castors for effortless movement. The pulling system uses magnetic resistance, making it extremely quiet, which is a plus when you're at home. Its professional quality also makes it an ideal body-building rower for indoor cardio areas. We designed and built it ourselves to keep costs under control and offer you professional quality at the best price.

Rower Star professional folding rower

The Rower Star is a cut above the rest! It's a professional rower, also foldable, that works with a system that combines air and magnetic resistance. This technology makes for a more linear and qualitative stroke. It will be more resistant over time and quieter than 100% air rowing machines. It's the ideal rower for a cubicle or hall, but also for home use, since we've designed it to be foldable and adaptable to small spaces.

concept 2 rowing machine

The concept 2 rower is emblematic, especially in cross-training circles. It's an air rower, robust and high-quality, but slightly noisy. The only drawback is that it can't be folded, so if you want to save space, you'll have to tilt it, which means you'll need a high ceiling.

How to use a rowing machine?

The rowing machine, like all crosstraining equipment, needs to be used with the right method to deliver maximum benefits, and at the same time make your session even more enjoyable.

The pull technique

For the pull-up, the movement starts from the legs! For weightlifters, imagine pulling a heavy barbell. You're going to push down on your legs while staying straight, and once you've reached full extension, you're going to switch to your hips. On the rowing machine, it's the same thing. Start by unfolding your legs until you reach full extension, then tilt your pelvis to finish the movement with your trunk and arms. You'll deploy much more force and have a cleaner movement.

How long does a rowing session last?

The duration of a rowing workout can vary considerably depending on your goals, fitness level and experience. For beginners: 15 to 20 minutes 3 to 5 times a week to get used to the exercise. For weight loss or cardio objectives, you need at least 30 minutes of regular sessions between 60 and 85% of your maximum heart rate. If you're targeting muscle strengthening, shorter, more intense split sessions may be preferable. Adapt the difficulty of the pull to your progress. The higher the number, the more difficult the pull.

What are the benefits of rowing?

The benefits of regular rowing are many and varied: cardiovascular endurance, non-impact work, complete muscular workout and more. The fact that the rowing machine stimulates core muscles makes it an effective tool for improving posture and stability.

Muscles worked

The rowing machine can work up to 90% of muscle groups, mainly the legs, arms, back and abdominals. It's a pulling exercise, so the torso is only minimally involved.

Cardiovascular endurance

Like all rowing ergometers- and if you're a rower, you'll know it the hard way... the rowing machine is an excellent way to work on and improve your cardiovascular endurance. The fun aspect of tracking by calories, rhythm and duration makes it even more enjoyable.