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The Kettlebell is the ideal fitness tool! Used by Russian special forces for centuries, this cast-iron weight with a handle will be your ally in physical preparation!

From 4 to 32 Kg, the kettlebell is perfect for all levels and all types of physical condition. Incorporate kettlebell exercises(swing, thruster, squat,...) into your training programs to train effectively!

Whether at home, in your home gym, or for cross-training, cardio-training and muscle-strengthening sessions, its qualities and structure make it the perfect tool for versatile training.

Strength, explosiveness, cardio and multi-joint work, kettlebells let you vary your training by stimulating different muscle groups. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced trainer, you'll find the model that's right for you here. CrossLiftor offers a complete range of kettlebells, from very light to very heavy, with handles of varying widths and durable, high-quality materials... to suit all budgets and requirements!

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