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The Kettlebell is the ideal fitness tool! Used by Russian special forces for centuries, this cast-iron weight with a handle will be your ally in physical preparation!

From 4 to 32 Kg, the kettlebell is perfect for all levels and all types of physical condition. Incorporate kettlebell exercises(swing, thruster, squat,...) into your training programs to train effectively!

Whether at home, in your home gym, or for cross-training, cardio-training and muscle-strengthening sessions, its qualities and structure make it the perfect tool for versatile training.

Strength, explosiveness, cardio and multi-joint work, kettlebells let you vary your training by stimulating different muscle groups. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced trainer, you'll find the model that's right for you here. CrossLiftor offers a complete range of kettlebells, from very light to very heavy, with handles of varying widths and durable, high-quality materials... to suit all budgets and requirements!

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All your questions about the Kettlebell

As always when you're just starting out, or integrating a new piece of equipment into your training, you have a lot of questions. The kettlebell is a fun, easy-to-use and highly versatile piece of equipment. Before getting started, let's take a look at the benefits, selection criteria and some of the best exercises to try out.

Why work out with a kettlebell?

The kettlebell, by virtue of its shape and composition materials, has many advantages. Even a 40 kg weight will take up hardly any space, and it can be laid flat anywhere, even outdoors, provided you choose a resistant material. The handle is fixed and curved to fit perfectly in your hand, allowing you to work efficiently. Whether used with one or two hands, it's easy to handle, allowing you to perform exercises with rotation and explosive movements without the risk of dropping the object, which is totally different from a simple dumbbell. In fact, both are highly complementary pieces of equipment.

It couldn't be simpler, and it's very effective. Its composition - cast iron with a soft or powder coating for the best models - makes it a very reliable piece of equipment. If you invest in a kettle for life, it won't lose its integrity, unlike more complex machines. No bearings, no fragile parts, you're good to go.

With 1 to 3 models at different weights, for greater comfort and versatility, you've got your home gym! Of course, depending on your objectives, you may want to consider getting more equipment, but the kettlebell allows you to train anywhere, in any type of space, while benefiting from a sufficient load and intensity to see real progress.

What are the benefits of these exercises?

Whatever your objectives, this cross-training equipment is the perfect choice for you. No matter which exercise you choose, kettlebell training is one of the most versatile.
Whether you're looking for muscle strengthening, cardio, strength or explosive work, the kettlebell will enable you to combine everything in complete, multi-joint exercisesThe main muscles involved are the legsglutesbackshoulders and abdominals.

Here's a list of the main benefits of training with KB:
- Muscle strengthening (simultaneous training of multiple muscle groups)
- Improved functional strength (functional movements such as swings, snatches, squats, etc.).
-Endurance and cardio development
Coordination, balance and proprioception (perception of one's movements)
Power and explosiveness (dynamic, powerful exercises)
- Joint mobility

Add to this the fact that kettlebell training is perfect for burning lots of calories via high-intensity sessions, with full-body movements that are among the most energy-intensive. HIIT (high-intensity interval training) sessions including KB exercises, for example, are known to continue burning calories even after training, which is highly advantageous when you're short of time.

There's one unavoidable prerequisite for all these benefits, and that's proper movement execution. This means learning technique, maximum concentration and, above all, choosing the right weight for your level.

Which weight to choose according to your level?

The weight of a kettlebell varies from 2 kg for the smallest models to over 40 kg for the heaviest, without the size changing too much. In the gym or in a box, you'll generally find different kettlebells with weights varying by 2 kilograms.

As with dumbbells, this is also one of the features that makes this equipment one of the most adaptable. On the other hand, for the same weight, the kettlebell, because of its shape and therefore its center of gravity, will often feel heavier, but this will have no impact on your training as long as the movements are performed cleanly.

It's difficult to give exact recommendations when it comes to choosing the right weight, as this will depend on your gender, technical ability and physical strength. Before training, always remember to warm up and gradually increase the weight until you feel slightly below your limit.

There are, however, weight criteria that can be applied, as shown in the table below:

Weight Scale Women Men 
Beginner 4 to 6 kg 6 to 10 kg
Intermediate 8 kg to 12 kg 12 to 14 kg
Confirmed athlete 16 kg & more 20 kg & more

If you only need to buy one kettlebell and you're at beginner-intermediate level, for a woman a weight between 8 and 10kg will be sufficiently versatile. As for men, 12 or 14 kg will give you plenty of practice before you need to increase your weight.

What are the best kettlebell exercises?

This question often comes up, and it's a legitimate one. We all want to train as efficiently as possible to achieve our goals. There are a multitude of variations, but the best Kettlebell exercises are, in our view, those that enable you to work in the most complete way possible.

For a program that will stimulate all parts of your body, here are the exercises you should consider incorporating:
- The Kettlebell squat or Goblet Squat: shoulders, back muscles, glutes and hamstrings.
- The Kettlebell Snatch: shoulders, back muscles, hamstrings and glutes.
Kettlebell deadlift: trunk muscles, hamstrings, buttocks.
- Turkish Get Up: trunk muscles, quadriceps, glutes and triceps.
Kettlebell Thruster: shoulders, quadriceps, glutes and triceps

And finally, the most popular, the Kettlebell Swing, clearly one of the best exercises for working your glutes, hamstrings, back and core muscles.

Don't venture into the practice of these exercises without knowledge. You need to systematically work on your technique, sheathe your muscles, especially those of the abdominal belt, maintain good posture with a straight back and follow professional advice. To do this, you can consult our blog articles on the subject, which will give you precise information on the best way to perform these movements.