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Kettlebells Rack


Kettlebells Rack!

With 2 levels of storage allowing to store between 15 and 25 Kettlebells according to the weights and the models. Made of steel reinforced and covered with a protective rubber mat, this kettlebells storage will make your training space cleaner and more secure.

Technical characteristics :

- Length: 150 cm
- Width: 50 cm
- Height: 75 cm
- Weight: 40 kg/ 95lbs


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The storage rack designed for your kettlebells!

This storage rack has been specially designed to store and preserve your kettlebells. The 2 shelves are equipped with a protective mat to protect your kettlebells. This storage rack measures 150 centimeters long, 63 centimeters wide and 70 centimeters high. This storage space allows you to store 15 to 25 kettlebells depending on their size, weight and the type of kettlebells you have. 

This kettlebell storage rack is made of a reinforced steel structure to guarantee you solidity and durability. The entire structure weighs 40 kilograms. It is ideal for kettlebells and sports halls that wish to offer a quality service to their members. Plates have been added on the legs to ensure perfect stability to this kettlebell rack.

Technical characteristics of the Kettlebells Rack :

  • Length : 150 cm
  • Width: 63 cm
  • Height: 70 cm
  • Protective mats on each shelf
  • Reinforced steel structure
  • Capacity: between 15 and 25 kettlebells
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