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The Team


Christelle Reymonet

E-shop manager - Athlete at 1789 CrossFit®  (Every month, she likes to make a new haircut like in a manga comic)

Marion Pottier


Customer Success Manager organized like never before - Athlete at CrossFit Tanka® and a former karateka who loves to fight - (Although a fan of diving, it will take a lot to get her underwater)

Lyse May Yen Pon

Head Coach & reggae fan - Athlete where she coaches - (Beware, under her rasta looks, she won't hesitate to break your eardrum at the 1st NO REP)

Eliott Drevet

Fiery Europe Project Manager - Athletes in all affiliates of the world because this guy is always wandering - (Former high-level Rower, today he trains bare-chested, like that, looking for a girl is not a hard row to hoe)



The logistics Speedy Gonzales - Former weightlifter, in search of motivation to take over - (Fenwick speed driver but also armored car driver... he's not kidding)

Allan Castilla

The founder of CrossLiftor - Level 1 - France Vice Champion of Yoseikan Budo and Athlete at 1789 CrossFit® and CrossFit Hanuman® - (Always try to play flamenco guitar correctly)

Crossliftor Mission is the online sales key player of the New Generation of Fitness equipment.
Offering you the largest selection of specialized products in your sport, focusing on the quality and originality of the articles. Every brand, every manufacturer is tested by our expert team.

We make that the prices can be accessible to all, through a privileged partnership with our suppliers and our factories.

Offering you the best possible advice, practicing ourselves different sports that require the use of our products.
The Technical sheets and advice are developed by us to facilitate your choice.

Crossliftor is considered today as one of the references on the equipment dedicated to the practice of your WOD. The sharp knowledge of its products and the professionalism of its team make Crossliftor your essential site.