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Tank Wallmount Rig - 5 posts
  • Tank Wallmount Rig - 5 posts

Tank Wallmount Rig - 5 stations


The Pro Rig

Steel rig made at CrossLiftor factories. Heavy-duty 80x80mm steel posts will provide incredible stability. The gauge steel of the rig being pierced with the same diameter and in the entire height, the possibilities are vast: pull-up bars at several heights, bars at height of children, etc. 


  • 3 squat stations
  • 11 pull-up stations / muscle up bar


Content of the rack:

  • 6 gauge steel
  • 11 pull-up bars adjustable in height


  • Gauge steel 80 x 80 mm - Thickness 3 mm
  • Gauge base: 10 mm thick, pierced at the four corners
  • Dimensions: L 188 x W 732 x H 270 cm
  • Weight: 250 kg/ 551lbs
  • Screws supplied
  • Pin Type Anchor Provided
  • Screws for the wall are not supplied

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Data sheet

Squats Stations
Pull- Ups Stations/ Bar Muscle Up
2,80 m
Between 4 and 8 m