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    • Folding Gym Mat
      Folding Gym Mat

      The Folding Gym Mat for so many movements ! For HSPU, Hand Stand Walk,...

      105,00 €
    • Puzzle Gym Floor 15 mm
      Puzzle Gym Floor 15 mm

      Good price-quality ratio   All the m² are made of a special high of...

      45,00 €
    • Parallettes

      The mini parallettes! Work on your cladding and on your balancing with...

      119,00 €
    • Push Pull Sled
      Push Pull Sled

      Work in your speed and explosiveness! Ideal for working on your...

      219,00 €
    • Adjustable bench
      Adjustable bench

      Adjustable Bench 13 positions! High-quality adjustable bench: flat,...

      339,00 €

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    Rigs made in France. Wide tubes to withstand the biggest loads! All our rigs can be made to the color you want. All our Tank cages are adaptable with our Tank accessories to allow you to practice various movements.

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