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Tank Muscle Up Rack- 2 posts
  • Tank Muscle Up Rack- 2 posts
  • Tank Muscle Up Rack- 2 posts
  • Tank Muscle Up Rack- 2 posts
  • Tank Muscle Up Rack- 2 posts

Video Tank Muscle Up Rig- 2 stations

Rig Crossliftor
Rig Crossliftor
Cage Compétition
Cage Compétition

Tank Muscle Up Rig- 2 stations


Compact Tank Muscle Up Rig 

Steel cage manufactured in CrossLiftor factories and configured for rope climbing and/or ring muscle up exercises. The sturdy gauges steel will provide great stability.


  • 2 squat/bench stations
  • 1 pull-up  station
  • 4 pull-up/ muscle up stations
  • 2 ring muscle up / rope climb stations

Content :

  • 6 gauges steel
  • 3 fat bars
  • 5 pull-up bars adjustable height bars

Characteristics :

  • gauges steel 80 x 80 mm - Thickness 3 mm
  • gauges Base: 10 mm thick, pierced at the four corners
  • Dimensions: L 196 x W 312 x H 380 cm
  • Weight: 250kg
  • Color: Black ( customization request)
  • Screws supplied
  • Pin Type Anchor provided

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The most used rig 

The Tank Rig Muscle up 2 stations is ideal for a complete use between 5 and 17 people. The high-quality steel used to manufacture this rig guarantees optimum resistance. The gauges steel of 80 x 80 mm and the screws of this rack assure you a quasi-total stability which will allow you to "kipper" with the power to make your movements.

As with all our Tank rigs, the feet are drilled from top to bottom so you can vary the height of the bars according to the workouts you want to perform. This tank rig will allow you to work several people simultaneously on several pull-up stations, squat and muscle up. You can add one of our tank rig accessories and increase the number of exercises considerably

Your order will be formed after the product will back in stock. Estimated Availability Date: 14-05-2021

Data sheet

Squats Stations
Pull- Ups Stations
Pull- Ups Stations/ Bar Muscle Up
Ring Muscle Up Stations
3,80 m
Less than 4m