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Sandbags Color
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Sandbag Color


Working Sand Bag

The Sandbag Color by Crossliftor is a sand-weight bag with several handles that allow you to grip it and perform all types of functional movements for a complete muscular work. Its load is distributed in the center of the bag for a better balance and to avoid bad postures.

Characteristics :

  • Resistant neoprene for a better comfort
  • Dimensions : 10kg/ 22lbs : 18 x 50cm / 20kg/ 44lbs : 22 x 56cm / 30kg/ 66lbs : 29 x 58cm
  • Reinforced seams
  • Sold empty
  • Sand price in craft shops average 6-8 cts/ kg
  • Sold with bags to fill with sand
  • Don't put sand in the sandbag, only in the small bags provided for this purpose
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