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Bulgarian Bag
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Bulgarian Bag


The Functional Bulgarian Bag

The Bulgarian Bag is currently one of the most complete and effective tools. You will be able to work on your strength, your aerobic capacity, and your balance. Grab your Bulgarian bag by the different handles and straps to work your upper and lower body. The Bulgarian bag is the essential element for physical trainers and for the people that are wishing to have a complete and varied training.

Features of the Bulgarian bag:

  • Reinforced seams and handles
  • weight distributed
  • Resistant bag
  • Specific colours for different weights

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For a seamless workout with your Bulgarian bags!

CrossLiftor presents you this Bulgarian bag. This bag will open a new era for your training. Designed to mimic functional movements, the Bulgarian bag will allow you to train the top and bottom of your body. You can work according to your wishes your endurance, your resistance or your strength and balance. Thanks to its many handles and straps, the Bulgarian bag is a versatile, functional, efficient and durable equipment.

The different weights available allow you to select the type of bag that will be suitable for you. The Bulgarian bag filling method guarantees a balanced bag of excellent quality. This equipment is essential for sports coaches and box. The Bulgarian bag is used by the fittest athletes on the planet and will quickly improve your performance without a doubt.


Description of the Bulgarian bag:

  • 3 types of handles
  • Reinforced seams
  • weight distributed
  • resistant bag

Color code of the Bulgarian bags:

  • Bulgarian bag 5 kg/ 11lbs: purple
  • Bulgarian bag 10 kg/ 22lbs: red
  • Bulgarian bag 15 kg/ 33lbs: orange
  • Bulgarian bag 20 kg/ 44lbs: blue
  • Bulgarian bag 25 kg/ 55lbs: green