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The sandbag for a complete workout!

The CrossLiftor sandbag offers you an excellent resistance to guarantee you a maximum durability. The sizes and dimensions of the bags vary according to the selected weight. The sandbag is used to work strength, muscular endurance ... You will work your stabilizing muscles and your grip strength thanks to the instability caused by the sand.


  • Sandbag 15 kg/ 33lbs: 60 cm
  • Sandbag 25 kg/ 55lbs: 65 cm
  • Sandbag 35 kg/77lbs: 70 cm
  • 7 different High-Strength Handles
  • Reinforced seams
  • Sold empty
  • Sold with bags to fill with sand, about 5kg for each one
  • Don't put sand in the sandbag, only in the small bags provided for this purpose