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Suspension bracket


Ideal for hanging everything!

This bracket will allow you to hang all your accessories on the ceiling or wall, Suspension straps / Gym rings / Climbing rope, Hitting bag (Chemical anchors recommended) / Resistance tube with carabiner etc ...

Diameter : 15 cm

Delivered with 2 nuts and 2 concrete wall plugs


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The Wall mount suspension anchor!

This bracket is attached to your wall or ceiling. It allows you to hang many accessories and thus to offer your members a complete training, diverse and quality. This equipment is very practical and allows you to modulate your box or your fitness room as you wish by fixing the wall and ceiling chosen your different accessories.

You can hang your suspension straps, gymnastic rings, punch bags, etc. This accessory will undoubtedly make the difference between your box and the others

Your order will be formed after the product will back in stock. Estimated Availability Date: 30-04-2021