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Chalk Stand
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Chalk Stand


The optimum chalk dispenser

With the Chalk Stand finished the ends of chalk lying around! For gymnastics or weightlifting exercises, we all need a little or a lot of chalk With this half open bowl, you can take chalk with cleanliness. It is 1 m above ground level, ideal to use.

This polyethylene tank is mounted on a stand and has a notch to facilitate its movement. Each foot has a rubber tip for stability and to prevent accidents.

Characteristics :

  • Height: 82 cm
  • Bowl size: W 56 cm x W 47 cm x H 30 cm
  • White color
  • Weight: 7 kg/ 15lbs

Work cleanly with the magnesia bowl

This magnesia tray will allow you to have magnesia in several places in your room or stall. It prevents your members from moving around with the magnesia and therefore contributes to the cleanliness of your work space. This chalkboard tray allows you to keep a pleasant room or box to work in.

No more hours spent cleaning your tiles or floor rolls. You can now use this time to train and progress to get your PR. This chalkboard is an essential element for the boxes with an average or important attendance.

Description of the chalkboard box :

  • Height of the foot: 82 cm
  • Dimension of the bowl: L 56 cm x W 47 cm x H 30 cm 
  • Color : White
  • Weight : 7 kg 
  • Packing : 2 boxes