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Flat Bench
  • Flat Bench

Flat Bench


Crossliftor Flat Bench

This flat bench is perfect to perform all the basic exercises with dumbbells and barbells for a varied training of the upper body.

Light, but very stable, this bench is ideal to support the back with a great amplitude of the rib cage

Characteristics :

  • Wide feet for better stability
  • Equipped with transport wheels
  • Max user weight: 280 kg
  • Bench Dimensions: L 119 x W 58 x H 49
  • Weight: 16 kg/ 35lbs
  • Black color

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The efficient bench!

This super light flat bench is one of the essential elements for a complete training. Light and compact the main characteristics of this bench, this flat bench allows you to perform all the movements to work the upper part of your body. You can practice many strength exercises with dumbbells and a weightlifting bar. These movements will complete your training and will increase your performance.

Built in a robust steel, this bench has been studied to be ultra stable thanks to these feet. This allows you to work efficiently and safely. This flat bench is ideal for supporting your back and allowing you ample and complete movements. The bench is equipped with wheels to be easily transportable.


Description of the flat bench:

  • Pad dimensions: L 115 x W 24
  • Pad Thickness: 7 cm
  • Floor dimensions: W 119 x W 58 x H 49
  • Flat bench Weight: 16 kg
  • Maximum Weight: 280 kg
  • Weight: 16 kg
  • Black color
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Data sheet

16 kgs
115 x 24 x 7 cm
280 kg