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Wrist Wraps Color


Reeva Elastic Wrist Wraps

A Wrist Wrap has to offer support but should not be too long. This provides a more natural feeling without compromising on support. The wrist wraps are made of denser fibers which results in a pair of Wrist Wraps that offer more stability then other Wrist Wraps. The new wrist wraps from Reeva contain a special elastane that is woven into the material which ensures that the wrist wraps offer even more support to the wrists.

Special designed plastic edge around the velcro ensures that the Wrist Wraps stay better in place and makes it a lot easier to take off the wrist wraps.


  • Made from moisture-absorbent fabri
  • Practical closure system
  • Special elastane for higher support
  •  Suitable for Men & Women
  •  Available in three different colors
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