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Tank Wallmount Rig Muscle Up - 3 posts View larger

Tank Wallmount Rig Muscle Up - 3 posts


Wall Mural Rig


Steel rack manufactured in CrossLiftor factories and configured for rope climbing and / or ring muscle up exercises. The sturdy gauge steel will provide great stability.



  • 2 squat stations
  • 5 pull-up/muscle up bar stations
  • 2 ring muscle up / rope climb stations


Content of the rack:

  • 4 gauges steel
  • 2 fat bars
  • 5 pull-up bars adjustable in height


  • Gauge steel  80 x 80 mm - Thickness 3 mm
  • Gauge Base: 10 mm thick, pierced at the four corners
  • Dimensions: L 188 x W 428 x H 380 cm
  • Weight: 168kg
  • Color: Black (customization request)
  • Screws supplied
  • Pin Type Anchor Provided
  • Screws for the wall not supplied


1 295,00 € tax incl.


Instead of 1 347,00 €

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  • Squats Posts2
    Bar Muscle Up5
    Ring Muscle Up Post2
    Height3,80 m
    LenghtBetween 4 and 8 m


Product guaranteed 3 years against any manufacturing defect. Product misuse cannot give rise to the application of the guarantee.

For any questions regarding after-sales procedures, you can find all the information here: https://www.crossliftor.com/content/20-procedures-sav

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