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Weight barbells 2 - 7kg
  • Weight barbells 2 - 7kg
  • Weight barbells 2 - 7kg

Weight barbells 2 - 7kg

VAT included

Several weights for all levels!

Everything has been done to improve its use:

  1. The weight is fixed inside the rubber tube and allows a WOD in silence and without vibration.
  2. The tube is made of a high-strength rubber.
  3. 2 sleeves close the tube hermetically and prevent the rolling or damaging the floor.
  • Length: 123 cm - Diameter: 37 mm
  • Weight: from 2kg/ 4lbs to 7kg/ 15lbs

These Weight barbells from 2kg/ 4lbs to 7kg/ 15lbs will be used to warm you up or work your mobility. These bars have been designed to fit each user and be as practical as possible. With the different weight categories, each athlete can select his bar according to the training and the specific exercises. These bars consist of a high resistance rubber tube to which are fixed inside the weights. The binding prevents the weight from moving inside the tube and allows you to practice  in silence and without vibrations.