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Double Tank Half Rack


Compact Squat Rack: For you & your sparring 

Steel rack manufactured in the CrossLiftor factories. The sturdy 80 x 80 mm posts and leg extensions provide great stability allowing you to practice without having to fix the rack to the ground. This compact rack allows you to have 2 posts while saving a lot of space.

Many accessories are already included for each station allowing you to store your discs, and to perform your squats or bench press in complete safety. The 4 elastic hooks will also be a great ally to vary your training. You can also adapt all the other Tank accessories.

Features :

  • Steel feet 80 x 80 mm - Thickness 3 mm
  • Width: 124 cm + 60 cm including disc holders
  • Depth: 152 cm + 1200 cm including the foot extensions on each side of the floor.
  • Height: 232 cm but the offset drawbar reaches 250 cm if it is placed at the highest point.
  • Weight : 300 kg
  • Color: Black (customization on demand from 2 quantities)
  • Screws supplied 
  • Floor dowel supplied

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