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Squat Rack !! Find it in CrossLiftor

Whether at home or in the gym, squat cages and racks are essential equipment for safe, varied exercise. A cage, for example, enables you to perform a multitude of exercises (muscle strengthening, gymnastics, crosstraining...) in a small space. With the right equipment and accessories, you can literally work all your muscles:

Candle squat rack, guillotine squat rack, adjustable squat rack... Our whole range of squat racks will help you strengthen your lower body, but not only! In complete safety and with durable, professional-quality equipment at the best price. You'll never skip a leg day again!

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Adjustable Squat Rack Pro
Squat Rack Guillotine

How to choose a squat cage

To choose the idealsquat cage, whether you're a home exerciser or a professional (box, gym...), there are a few criteria to evaluate before you buy. First of all, space. This may seem logical, but be sure to analyze the configuration of the space you want to dedicate to it, especially if you want to do a home gym. Depending on the model, you'll find it easier to move and store them, and you'll also need to consider ceiling height. The second essential point is the quality of the materials used and the rack's maximum load capacity, which must correspond to your level, with room for improvement. If you're a beginner and don't know your maximum squat load, that's okay. In any case, choose a quality model to ensure a long-lasting investment.

Study the overall design, i.e. its adjustability, which is an important parameter. With adjustable heights, it will be more versatile to adapt the structure to your needs and those of other users. Generally speaking, the thickness of the steel and the welds must be of the highest quality to ensure your safety. That's why, at Crossliftor, we've chosen to manufacture our own range of squat racks and equipment to make them available at the best possible price.

What type of equipment should I choose?

Depending on your needs and the environment in which you wish to train, you'll find different models to suit your needs. From the practical, to the most versatile squat cages.

Squat candles

The squat rack is one of the simplest yet most versatile models. It takes up virtually no space, and the fact that the two supports are not connected means that you can adapt the width and possibly store them after your session, or move them around. Even though the structure is not connected, they are very sturdy and the wide base of the legs ensures flawless stability. The advantage of these stanchions is also their adaptability: height-adjustable (with number for easy setting), perfect for squatsweightlifting but also any exercise starting from a rack, such as bench press, if you combine it with a bench.

Squat rack

Whether folding, adjustable or wall-mounted, the squat rack is clearly the equipment of choice for all enthusiasts. Our bodybuilding rack models can support weights of up to 350 kg. Like the stanchion model, it's highly adaptable and versatile. The main difference is that a third bar attaches to the base of the system. This makes it even more stable and sturdy, yet still easy to handle. In the case of our professional model, it is also equipped with Dips handles to multiply the number of exercises. For wall-mounted or guillotine models, you can also perform exercises such as pull-ups, weighted pull-ups, toes to bar, muscle up...

Multifunctional squat cage

Squat cages are definitely the most versatile models. Their basic design enables you to perform all types of cross-training exercises, and with the addition of accessories such as a bench, a V-shaped support for dips, TRX, etc., you can really have a complete home gym in just a few m2. Some cages are equipped with pulleys, but these are not the models to choose for an individual. Prefer a standard cage with various accessory supports. Once again, your choice will depend on your budget, space and needs. Squat cages and racks feature safety devices with support bars that will hold the bar in the event of a fall or muscular failure. This is another important point to consider.

Can I make my own squat rack?

It's perfectlypossible to make a squat rack yourself, if you don't want to risk injury or damage to your training facility. This requires specific skills and equipment, steel-type materials with a minimum thickness, professional welding... In short! To guarantee a serious and safe practice, prefer to buy a rack made by professionals.

Why buy a squat rack?

When it comes to equipment, it can quickly become costly and intrusive. Almost all muscle-strengthening exercises can be performed with a squat cage or rack. You'll have complete equipment at home, and for professionals faced with the problem of saving space in a cubicle or gym, it's obviously an essential investment. If you have any questions, need specific pricing or advice, please don't hesitate to contact us.