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Cage Workout équipée
  • Cage Workout équipée
  • Cage Workout équipée

Functionnal Training Rig


CrossLiftor Functionnal Training Rig !

CrossLiftor functionnal training rig has been set up so that several athletes can exercise at the same time on the rig on different movements. Pull ups, squats, T-bar, rowing, dips, flag, monkey course, wall ball shots... etc. All elements are made of zing plated steel with rust outdoor protection. 

Content of CrossLiftor Functionnal Training Rig :

  • 1 dip bar
  • 1pair of hook for squat sessions
  • 1 pair of safety bar for squat station
  • 1 core trainer T bar
  • 1 target for wall ball shots
  • 1 poal to hang the strinking bag 
  • 1 wall bars composed of 7 bars 
  • 1  flying ladder pull up composed of 3 bars
  • 1 monkey bridge composed of 7 bars
  • 2 pull ups bars of 108cm
  • 2 offset bars for muscle up or pull ups of 108cm
  • 1 structure composed of 8 feet of 280cm + supports bars of 180cm long

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Characteristics of the equipped workout cage :

  • Steel feet of 80 x 80 mm - Thickness of 3 mm
  • Dimensions: W 188 x L 400 x H 280cm min to 350cm max
  • Weight: 276 kg
  • Color: Black (customization on demand)
  • Screws supplied
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