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Barre Hexagonale
  • Barre Hexagonale
  • Barre Hexagonale
  • Barre Hexagonale

Barre Hexagonale

VAT included

Strongman Hexagonal Bar !

Make your position easier to work in a safety way with the CrossLiftor Hexagonal bar. This special bar was designed to lift heavy and safety !

  • Clamps included
  • Reinforced corners weld
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 16kg/ 35lbs 
  • Grip handle diameter : 28 mm
  • Handle diameter for plates : 48 mm
  • Total Length : 220 cm
  • Width : 72,5 cm
  • Height: 30 cm
  • Max load : 300 kg/ 661lbs
  • Handles grip for better support
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Work on your deadlifts !

The strongman Hexagonal Bar is an equipment that will allows you to work effectively your lower limb strength and power. The Strongman Hexagonal Bar has a frame and handles to grab your bar. This composition allows you to work safety and reduce the risks of trauma on your wrists and your shoulders. The Strongman Hexagonal also allows you to reduce the pressure on your spine during intensive sessions. 

The Hexagonal Bar is an excellent tool for squats and deadlifts. The high quality steel used for the production of the CrossLiftor Hexagonal Bar gonna support your hardest workouts and you can work on your technic and mobility too. 

Data sheet

33 kg
180 cm
1 an