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Tank Wallmount Rig- 2 posts
  • Tank Wallmount Rig- 2 posts
  • Tank Wallmount Rig- 2 posts

Rust Wallmount Rig- 2 stations


Rust Muscle Up Medium Rig 

Steel rig manufactured in CrossLiftor's factories. The "Rust" finish of the legs in raw/rusted metal then varnished guarantees a weather resistance and an outstanding look. This specific treatment was designed to combine aesthetics with resistance to erosion. The traction bars remain sandblasted black in color to not alter the grip.


  • 1 squat station
  • 5 stations traction / muscle up bar


  • 3 gauge steel
  • 5 height adjustable pull-up bars

Characteristics  :

  • Gauge Steel of 80 x 80 mm - Thickness of 3 mm
  • Base of one gauge: 10 mm thick, drilled at the 4 corners
  • Dimensions: L 188 x W 312 x H 280 cm
  • Weight : 110 kg
  • Color : varnished artistic rust effect steel legs + black traction and reinforcement bars with external powder coating without altering the grip
  • Screws and bolts included 
  • Floor anchor bolt supplied
  • Screws for the wall not included


  • The 3D photo in black and white with dimensions represents the configuration of your rig
  • The other photos show the "Rust" effect. Depending on the light, the color differs and will give your rig a unique look

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Data sheet

Squats Stations
Pull- Ups Stations/ Bar Muscle Up
2,80 m
Less than 4m