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 Gymnastic rings 30 mm
  •  Gymnastic rings 30 mm
  •  Gymnastic rings 30 mm
  •  Gymnastic rings 30 mm
  •  Gymnastic rings 30 mm
  •  Gymnastic rings 30 mm
  •  Gymnastic rings 30 mm

Video Gymnastic rings 28mm

Anneaux et Ring MU
Anneaux et Ring MU

Gymnastic rings 28mm


Solid gymnastic rings

This pair of birch gymnastic rings allows you to perform your dips, ring row, muscle up ring, etc. movements safely. The quality of the wood allows a very good grip of magnesia.

The fabric straps provided with the rings give more stability. The rigid adjustment system makes it possible to adjust the height very quickly

Characteristics :

  • Diameter : 23.50 cm
  • Thickness: 28mm
  • Two-color strips in durable fabric
  • Length of the strips: 400cm
  • Strips Width: 4 cm
  • Supplied with adjustable straps

Efficiency Rings

This pair of rings, without a doubt, is the mandatory element for your training. With these rings, you can practice all your gymnastics movements such as muscle up rings, dips, ring row and many other movements. You will be able to work on your grip, your muscular endurance, and your cladding. This pair of gymnastic rings is designed in birch wood to ensure reliable safety. Magnesia hanging on the wood you will not have to worry about your grip and you can concentrate fully on the execution of your movements.

This pair of gymnastic rings is sold with a pair of graduated bands. This graduation will allow you to adjust the height of your rings with great precision and speed so you do not waste time on your wod. The bands measure 4.50 meters in length and 4 cm in width so that your pair of rings can be adapted to each participant. Our wooden gymnastic rings have a thickness of 30 mm and a diameter of 23.50 cm