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Total Core by CrossLiftor!

The Total Core allows a complete workout in cardio and musculation. Insert your Olympic barbell inside the sleeve and if needed, Olympic plates on the other end to increase the load. The 10 kg/ 22lbs weighted base of Total Core will allow you to move the barbell easily. You will work safely since the base will not move during your exercises. The Total Core comes with an ergonomic handle, increasing the variety of your exercises.

The ideal Total Core for your workouts. Crossliftor guarantees you the best delivery time and the best prices on the web.


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The total core trainer: versatility and efficiency

 The total core trainer allows you to practice many exercises. You can work your entire body and improve your cardio or strength. The total core trainer is suitable for all Olympic bars. You'll be able to add Bumper plates to your bar to work the load you want, based on your level and goals.

Our total core trainer is produced with an excellent quality to guarantee you a great solidity. An ergonomic handle is provided to diversify your exercises.

The base of our total core trainer is weighted, its weight of 10kgs/ 22lbs allows you to work in all stability. You can also change it to adapt to your workspace and optimize your training area

Description of the total core trainer:

  • Quality steel
  • Adaptable for all Olympic bars
  • Polyvalent
  • Weighted base: 10 kgs/ 22lbs
  • Provides with an ergonomic handle
  • Color: Black
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