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Heavy Jump Rope
  • Heavy Jump Rope
  • Heavy Jump Rope
  • Heavy Jump Rope
  • Heavy Jump Rope

Crossliftor Heavy Jump Rope

VAT included

Crossliftor Weigthed Jump Rope 

Characteristics :
  • Diameter: 10' L X 1.5" THICK
  • Weight : 2,5kg/ 5.5 LB
  • Great strength
  • Resistant ribbon 
  • Red color
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The battle rope

The battle rope will make you a complete athlete. The movements you can practice with our battle rope are multiple and you will work a large part of your body simultaneously. The battle rope allows you to work endurance, strength, grip, muscle power etc. Thanks to its moisture-resistant material, this rope can be installed indoors or outdoors to train you in the conditions you want.

These handles will allow you to seize it with strength and assures you a great strength and longevity. Our battle rope is 40 centimeters in diameter and is available in 3 lengths: 9 meters (8kg), 12 meters (11kg) and 15 meters (13kg). its solidity allows you to train with intensity while limiting the wear of your battle ropes.


Description of battle ropes:

  • Diameter: 40 mm
  • Material: Nylon
  • Lengths: 9 m (8kg), 12 m (11kg) and 15 m (13kg)
  • Great strength
  • Resistant ribbon
  • Black color
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