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Rower Concept 2 Model D
  • Rower Concept 2 Model D
  • Rower Concept 2 Model D
  • Rower Concept 2 Model D
  • Rower Concept 2 Model D
  • Rower Concept 2 Model D
  • Rower Concept 2 Model D
  • Rower Concept 2 Model D

Concept 2 Model D Rower


The most famous rower of the box!

The Concept2 Model D indoor rower provides everything you need to perform quality workouts at home.

Foldable and air-braked, the Concept2 rower is the most famous indoor rower. It is used daily by affiliated boxes, fitness clubs, and professional sports structure. Its reliability and resistance make Concept 2 the most used indoor rower in boxes


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Moniteur Concept2 PM5
The main advantage of Concept2 Model D Rowers lies in the PM5 monitor which will allow you to improve your performance, thanks to its precise data (time, distance, rhythm, calories, and Watts). The PM5 monitor of the rower has different display modes (force curve, histogram, pace guide, magnifying glass or full display), allows you to create personalized workouts and record the data of your workouts. In order to bring a playful touch to your training, the PM5 monitor of your Concept2 rower contains games (fish game, targeted training, darts, and biathlon).
The backlight provides better readability. With compatibility with any type of USB stick, storing your workout data is a breeze!
Flywheel and Resistance Lever Rows Concept2 model D work on the principle of air resistance: the more you row hard, the more resistance you will have. The resistance lever allows you to adjust at any time the amount of air that enters the flywheel, so you can change the pace of the race according to your preferences. Easy assembly and storage The Rowing Concept2 model D is assembled in the blink of an eye and without external help! In less than 20 minutes, you will have unpacked and assembled the front foot and the monorail, so you can enjoy your concept2 roweur quickly. The mounting key is supplied with all hardware.
In just a few seconds you can bend your Concept2 rower in two parts, thanks to the simple locking/unlocking system of the monorail and the front section. The aluminum monorail and casters on the front foot allow a single person to move the set simply, without having to disassemble the rower entirely for efficient and compact storage.
Adjustable footrest and ergonomic handle</strong>The adjustable footrests easily adapt to any size, to ensure you the best training conditions. The anti-slip rear feet guarantee a perfect grip of the rower.
In terms of comfort, an ergonomic handle, angled at 10 °, ensures the optimal position of the wrists, forearms and shoulders: it allows you to row with a natural position, close to the rowing gesture
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