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Barre à Dips Tank
  • Barre à Dips Tank
  • Barre à Dips Tank
  • Barre à Dips Tank
  • Barre à Dips Tank
  • Barre à Dips Tank
  • Barre à Dips Tank

Dips Tank Bars


The dips bar

Make your dips without the hassle of a big station thanks to this bar compatible with the Tank rigs.

Robust and esthetic, use the dips bar on your Tank rack to increase the possibilities of exercise and muscle building.

WARNING: this product is compatible with your rack or your Crossliftor rust rig only and not with other squats rack.  


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Guerrilla Dip Bar

Our Dips Bar has been designed to fit perfectly on our Tank Rigs. Made of high-strength steel, our Dips Tank bar will support your heaviest loads, so you'll never hesitate to push your limit to ensure you get the physical training you need for the fittest athletes on the planet. This Dips Bar will allow you to perform many strength training exercises for the upper body.

Its attachment system has been designed to limit vibration and involuntary movements of the bar during your workouts. Thanks to its system, the bar at Dips Tank allows you to train safely and perform your movements with perfect technique. Go ahead and make steel triceps with our accessory.

The Dip bar is an essential movement for weightlifting and gymnastics, it will allow you to do easily realize your Muscle up bar, Ring muscle up or even Pull up. For box and fitness club owners, our Dips bar allows you to optimize your training space thanks to a significant saving of space. In fact no need to clutter with a post reserve for Dips, you can now install or remove our bar Dips on your rig Tank in seconds. This element is undoubtedly essential for a complete training and quality.


  • Brand: CrossLiftor
  • Accessory for our Tank rigs
  • High-end steel
  • Installs and uninstalls in seconds
  • Quality tested and certified by CrossLiftor
Your order will be formed after the product will back in stock. Estimated Availability Date: 14-05-2021