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Echelle Flying Pull-up 120cm
  • Echelle Flying Pull-up 120cm

Flying Pull-up Tank ladder 120cm

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The Pull-up ladder

Compatible with Eco cages, place the Flying pull-up barbell to work your pull-ups, to hang a rope or a strap, to make your ‘monkey’ exercises, etc.

Warning: this model has to be placed on a 120 cm wide support. 

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Strengthen the top of your body!

Our ladder flying pull-up 120 cm will allow you to work the top of your body. You can practice your pull-ups and many exercises with this accessory. This ladder flying pull-up is compatible with all our tank rigs and is placed on a width of 120 cm. Thanks to the many exercises that will allow you to perform our flying pull-up ladder, you will improve your muscle building, your dressage, your agility etc.

The inclination of our ladder has been designed to optimize your training and allow you to practice many exercises. Its ultra-resistant steel allows this ladder to support your toughest training and gives it a very long life.


Description of our ladder flying pull-up:

  • 4 pulling bars
  • Adaptable to all our range of tank cage and on a 120 cm section
  • Ultra-resistant steel
  • Reinforcement placed on each side to ensure a very long life