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Soft Plyobox Set


The safe & soft Plyobox!

Perform your plyometrics training safely with the Hastings soft Plyobox.


  •   Made of a compact and strong foam
  •   Nonslip black synthetic leather coating
  •   Velcro on the box to assemble several Plyoboxes together
  •   2 useful handles
  •   Base dimensions: 90 x 75 cm


Available in different heights:

  •   15 cm
  •   30 cm
  •   45 cm
  •   60 cm

This pack contains


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The best Soft Plyometric Box

Our foam box combines the benefits of a classic box while bringing you exceptional comfort for your training. This plyobox surrounded by very high density and ultra-resistant foam has a foolproof stability. The foam and the black synthetic leather used are high-quality materials providing a very long life to your soft plyobox.

The main difference between a classic plyobox and our foam plyobox is safety. This coating provides flexibility to your work to reduce the risk of injury.

The foam also reduces the apprehension and fear of jumping in height that is very present in some athletes. This soft plyobox is also lighter than its sister plyobox 3 in 1 Are available different sizes and the Velcro allows you to adapt the working height according to your level, your apprehension, and the desired exercise.

The foam plyobox gives you access to a lot of plyometric exercises that will allow you to work effectively in the lower part of your body

Description of the soft plyobox:

  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Different sizes available: 15, 30, 45 and 60 cm
  • Very dense and ultra resistant foam
  • Covered with a black non-slip synthetic leather
  • Velcro-equipped to combine several similar plyos or different sizes
  • 2 handles for more maneuverability.
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