Who are they?


CrossLiftor: It's a brand, a logo, a slogan but also a culture, values and a team spirit. Athletes and staff working together to create the best equipment to ensure safety, innovation, and progression throughout your journey to become the fittest These athletes whom we are proud to present to you, perfectly symbolize the values of CrossLiftor.

Individually, these athletes advance to achieve their goals. Courage, mental steel, and determination allow them to surpass themselves. Collectively, they bring mutual help, advice, encouragement and support. The pleasure they take in training or taking on new challenges leads them to push back every day their limits in WOD of international levels.

CrossLiftor thanks all its athletes for representing us at national and international competitions. Let's continue together to build a great warrior family and transmit that culture and values that are also yours: FOR A BETTER WOD.


Sabrina Nunes CrossFit 1  Sabrina Nunes athlete CrossFit CrossLiftor

Awards :

Open CrossFit Games 2020 Elite Individuelle

1st France - FITTEST

24th WORLD

CrossFit Games 2019 Elite Individuelle 56ième 
Open CrossFit Games 2018 Elite Individual 5th Woman in France
French Throwdown 2017 Elite Individual 11th 
Open CrossFit Games 2017 Elite Individual 4th Woman in France
French Throwdown 2016 Team 1789 CrossFit 26th
French Throwdown 2015 Elite Individual 30th
French Throwdown 2014 Elite Individual 23rd
French Throwdown 2013 Elite Individual 25th

Hip Hop Passionate since a young age, Sabrina practices this discipline at the highest level and participates in many national and international competitions such as CrossFit© French Throwdown Competition and The CrossFit Games©. Always looking for something new, Sabrina discovers in 2012 a brand new sport. The following? She obtained her level1 in 2013 and transformed her new passion into a job when she became coach.

Sabrina coaches in the Hanuman CrossFit affiliated box in Venelles, France.

Her goals? Enjoy and continue participating in national and international competitions


Sarah Massoni CrossFit CrossLiftor 1  Sarah Massoni CrossFit Athlete CrossLiftor

Awards :

Sanctional Norwegian CrossFit Championship Elite individual 19th
Sanctional CrossFit Strength in Depth Elite individual 35th
Open CrossFit Games 2020 Elite individual 2nd Woman in Belgium
Open CrossFit Games 2018 Elite individual Fittest Woman in Belgium
French Throwdown 2017 Elite individual 17th
Last Battle of Winter 2016 Elite individual Fittest
Open CrossFit Games 2017 Elite individual 3rd Woman in Belgium
Amsterdam Throwdown 2016 Elite individual 3rd
Belgian Throwdown 2016 Elite individual 5th

A professional firefighter from the city of Brussels, Sarah has practiced many sports such as athletics, swimming or gymnastics. The desire of doing diversification in her sporting practices led him to push the doors of an affiliate... Practicing since 2014, her new sports performances have also allowed her to progress in her professional environment by being prepared for all situations.


Antoine Tami CrossFit CrossLiftor 1  Antoine Tami CrossFit CrossLiftor

Awards :

Open CrossFit Games 2020 Elite Individual 3th
Open CrossFit Games 2019 Elite Individual 4th
French Throwdown 2018 RX Individual Fittest
Regionals CrossFit Games 2018 (Meridian Regional) Team Crossliftor 7th
French Throwdown 2017 Intermediate Individual Fittest
Regionals CrossFit Games 2017 (Meridian Regional) Team CrossFit Take Control Elite Competitor 18th
Belgian Throwdown 2016 Elite Individual 8th

Ex rugby player, Antoine practices today in the Box CrossFit Take Control. He started two years ago with the desire to take on new challenges. The discovery of this sport was a real revelation. Integrated for a year in the Elite Competitor team, Antoine achieves impressive results for these beginnings. He is without a doubt one of the names to follow in the years to come.

His goals? Continue progressing by being surrounded by his team now became a group of friends and participate in Regionals CrossFit Games individually.