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Orders are usually shipped within 24 to 48 hours after receipt the payment of the products in stock (the products out of stock are indicated on the product sheet). The standard shipping method is DHL for orders less than 50kg, in one or more packages, and Dachser beyond 50kg, in one or more pallets.

All deliveries are delivered with signature.

Whatever the chosen shipping method, we will provide you as soon as possible a link that will allow you to follow the delivery of your package online.


Making appointments

Delivery with DHL can't be done by appointment. However, in case of absence from you, the driver will leave you a note, or deposit your package in a relay point near you. You will be advised by phone.

The delivery with Dachser is always with an appointment. The carrier will contact you by telephone before the delivery of your order to be sure that a person on the spot can receive the goods.


Order products out of stock

Products in stock or out of stock are indicated on each sheet of our products.

For products out of stock, you can still pre-order them, the delivery will be done from the restocking of products from our suppliers and factories (date of arrival mentioned on the product sheets).

For orders with in-stock and non-stock products, all items will be delivered at one time. For orders over € 500, we make the first delivery of products in stock within 48 hours, then a 2nd delivery upon receipt of all products out of stock.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs include packing, handling, and shipping to your home. They can contain a fixed part and a variable part according to the price or the weight of your order, as well as the destination of the parcel. We advise you to group your purchases in one order. We can not group two separate orders and you will have to pay shipping costs for each one. Your package is shipped at your own risk, special care is taken with the package containing fragile products.