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Reeva Weightlifting Belt with Velcro

Reeva weightlifting belt

The Reeva weightlifting belt ensures an optimal support to your spine and your abdominal truss. It will help you to keep your back straight for a good technique during your weightlifting movements.

The Reeva weightlifting belt will help you to reach your personal record and to move on to the next level in weightligting trainings.


  • Velcro closure
  • Lenght: 11cm
  • Designed to fit your abdominal truss
  • Large back for an optimal support
  • Perfect for weightlifting and powerlifting practice
  • Suitable for men and women

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25,00 € tax incl.


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  • Choose your weightlifting belt

    Here's how to choose the size of your weightlifting belt based on your waistline.

    • Reeva Lifting belt XS: from 59 to 72 cm
    • Reeva Lifting belt S: from 73 to 86 cm
    • Reeva Lifting belt M: from 81 to 93 cm
    • Reeva Lifting belt L: from 88 to 95 cm
    • Reeva Lifting belt XL: from 91 to 105 cm
    • Reeva Lifting belt XXL: from 103 to 114 cm
    • Reeva Lifting belt XXXL: over 114 cm

    A versatile belt

    The design of the weightlifting belt Reeva has been designed to provide a great versatility and adapt to your style of training. The front of the belt is thinner to fit your abdominal belt, while the back is wider to ensure better support for your back and allow you to perform your weightlifting movements safely.

    Its Velcro closure system will help you to put on or take off quickly to gain valuable seconds in your alternating Wods weightlifting and gymnastics or conditioning. The materials used to make the Reeva weightlifting belt make it lighter while providing you with a better quality of support for your spine. The different sizes available allow any athlete to find the corresponding Reeva belt. This weightlifting belt will take you to the next level without a doubt!


    Description of the Reeva weightlifting belt:

    • Velcro closure for closing and quick opening
    • Fine design to fit your abdominal belt
    • Wide back for maximum support
    • Ideal for weightlifting, power lifting, multi-use
    • Suitable for women and men

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