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To work speed and explosiveness!

Perfect tool to work your strength, speed and explosiveness. You can push or pull it with a harness.

You have just to adapt the load according to your level adding extra weight on the board (50 mm Olympic plates).


  •   Weight: 30 kg
  •   Compatible with Olympic plates
  •   Plates not included

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Availability date: 02/10/2021

159,00 € tax incl.


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  • Ready, steady, go !!!

    The prowler is a strongman device designed to prepare you physically for many exercises. Thanks to its harness you can pull it, on the flat or in a hill, you will work your explosiveness and your power by towing loads adapted to your level. You will also have the possibility to push the prowler thanks to the two tubes fixed on the frame.

    Constructed of durable steel, your prowler will support your heaviest loads and allow you to become more fit. Your prowler weighs 30 kg and is compatible with your Olympic discs (50 mm Olympic discs). So you have the option to have for intensive training for competition and professionals or use it with small loads to introduce you to these movements


    Technical characteristics of Prowler:

    Weight: 30 kg
    Black color
    Compatible with Olympic discs (50 mm)
    resistant steel
    Supplied without the bumper plates


Product guaranteed 1 year against any manufacturing defect. Product misuse cannot give rise to the application of the guarantee.

For any questions regarding after-sales procedures, you can find all the information here: https://www.crossliftor.com/content/20-procedures-sav

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