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Wall Timer


Wall Timer!

The Wall Timer is one of the best Timers.

It features a variety of pre-set functions designed to facilitate any workout.


  •   Clock function
  •   Countdown
  •   Possibility to stop the timer to the nearest hundredth of a second
  •   Many pre-programmed intervals (Tabata 20/10, Fight Gone Bad…)
  •   Possibility to create your own interval slots
  •   Rounds number, working time, recovery time indicator
  •   Identifiable color code (time in red and rounds number in blue) for a better visibility
  •   Beep alert
  •   Remote control included

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Ensure your "time cap"

This wall timer is the essential item for box owners or athletes wanting to have a more demanding training. This wall timer will allow you to provide your members with a quality workout at the second ready. With many functions, such as clock function, countdown timer, etc. This wall timer allows you to create your own interval ranges for a custom workout.

You will also be able to choose your number of rounds, the time of work, the times of recovery and much more. With its color display and alert beeps, our wall timer gives you the chance to get your eyes off the clock and stay fully focused on your Wod to manage your effort with clarity.

Remote control included

Technical characteristics of the wall timer:

  • Length: 71 cm.
  • Width: 16 cm.
  • Thickness: 7.6 cm.
  • Sold with a remote control (with a range of 40 meters).
  • AC outlet socket.
  • Wall fastening system.
  • Downloadable French note in the "download" tab
  • Alert beep
  • Color code
  • Clock function
  • Countdown
  • Many pre-programmed intervals
  • Ability to create your own interval ranges
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