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Silicone Grips

Silicone Barbell Grips !

These silicone barbell grips are perfect for working on your forearm and grip strength. They will turn any barbell into thick bars.

Available in 2 dimensions:

  •   Small: internal Ø: 25 mm / outside Ø: 48 mm / Width: 100 mm
  •   Medium: internal Ø: 28 mm / outside Ø: 52 mm / Width: 125 mm

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  • Improve your grip!

    Slip the silicone grips around your barbell or dumbbells and train. This accessory will allow you to work the grip strength and the grip of your wrist. That is an essential element on some exercises, the grip will allow you to grab a bar and not to let go.

    Everyone has already had to limit the number of repetitions during a series because he slipped from his bar or felt his forearms become paralyzed and you have to modify the Wod. This will not be your case if you use silicone grips during your training. The silicone grip will make you a complete athlete able to join  the rehearsals and  adapt to all bars, silicone grip is available in two sizes.


    Description of the silicone grip:

    • Small: Inner Ø: 25 mm / Outside Ø: 48 mm / Width: 100mm
    • Medium: Inner Ø: 28 mm / Outer Ø: 52 mm / Width: 125mm
    • Blue color

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