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Training mask Phantom Athletics

Training mask Phantom Athletics

The Phantom Athletics training mask is made for athletes who want to improve their cardio. The Phantom Athletics mask training allows you to work your breathing muscles and improve the use of oxygen for your body. Pushed to the extreme, you will naturally increase your breathing capacity.


  • 4 adjustable resistance levels without removing the mask
  • Increases the difficulty of your wod.
  • Patented system
  • Innovation Oscar at ISPO 2017 awards
  • Easily cleanable
  • 3 sizes available: S, M and L

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47,50 € tax incl.



95,00 € tax incl.

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  • The Phantom Athletics training mask: a high quality product!

    The Phantom Athletics Training Mask will allow you to increase your athletic performance. By increasing the difficulty of your exercises, this training mask gives the possibility to reach an impressive level of endurance. By deep working your breathing muscles you will facilitate the breathing mechanism making your body more efficient during prolonged and intense efforts.

    The patented Phantom Regulation System (PRS) allows you to easily select the desired air intake resistance level without removing the mask. The 4 levels of resistance, ranging from easy to extreme, will satisfy all levels of athletes.

    Ultra light and easy to clean, the Phantom Athletics training mask will remain stable even during your racing sessions. Several sizes are available to allow you to choose the mask that suits you and work comfortably even in the effort.

    Sizes :

    SLess than 70 kg
    M70 - 100 kg
    LPlus than  100 kg

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