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Moving Target


Crossliftor Moving Target 

The "PIQ'ASSAUT" is an ingenious teaching material that allows you to work on your speed, your precision and your movements. Lightweight with a very stable base, you can easily store your Piq'Assaut.

Features :

  • 13 kg metal plate with a base that can be unscrewed.
  • Articulated polyethylene post (180 cm) covered with foam and PVC cover (blue or red)
  • Spring joint fixed at 40 cm from the base of the post
  • White armbands to identify targets (face, body and thighs)
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Description of the "Piq'Assaut"

The Piq'Assaut is an ingenious teaching material imagined, designed, realized and developed by Frank May, world champion of Savate, which is intended for all practitioners, teachers and coaches of combat sports, martial arts and fitness.

This light and not very bulky equipment, which can be easily transported and stored, will contribute in an extraordinary way to the development of the mastery of the gestures, supports, movements, precision, distance, reactivity but also speed, coordination, anticipation and even certain gestures of the defensive organization (parries, dodges, shifts, overflows etc...) and above all enrich the teaching offer by making your sessions even more varied and more fun.

This tool is aimed at children, teenagers as well as adult boys and girls, from beginners to competitors and can be used alone or in pairs. It does not in any way replace the work of motor learning specific to each discipline, it is intended to be an intermediary between the work of Shadow or katas (working in front of a mirror or not), and the work with the bag (striking power) as well as the work in opposition.