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Crossliftor Moving Target

VAT included

Crossliftor Moving Target 

The moving target is an ingenious educational material that allows you to work on your speed, your precision and your movements. <span '="" id="s2_2">Lightweight with a very stable base, you can easily store your Piq'Assaut

<span '="" id="s2_3">Characteristics:

  • <span '="" id="s2_4">13 kgs metal plate with unscrewing base
  • <span '="" id="s2_5">Articulated polyethylene post (180 cm) covered with foam and PVC cover (blue or red)
  • <span '="" id="s2_6">Spring joint fixed 40 cm from the base of the post
  • <span '="" id="s2_7">White cuffs to identify targets (face, body and thighs)

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