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RockTape Manifesto knee sleeves - Pair View larger

RockTape Manifesto knee sleeves - Pair

RockTape knee sleeves!

RockTape knee sleeves are specifically designed to provide high compression action, heating and lateral stability when performing functional movements such as deadlifts, squats and pistols.


  •   Thickness 5 mm or 7 mm
  •   Made of neoprene et lycra
  •   Sold by pair
  •   Available in different sizes: S/ M/ L
  •   Warranty: 1 year

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49,90 € tax incl.


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  • Knee sleeves are essential!

    The Rocktape Manifesto Knee Sleevesgive you great stability in the knee, which is essential to properly perform your movements. The pressure effect of the knee brace maintains the knee and reduces the risk of injury. Designed for weightlifting, Rocktape Manifesto knee braces provide warmth and compression to the covered area.

    Available in two thicknesses, Rocktape Manifesto knee sleeves of 7 millimeters are highly recommended for experienced weightlifters. While Rocktape Manifeston kneepads with a thickness of 5 millimeters will fully satisfy athletes who want a more versatile use.


    • Thickness 5 mm OR 7 mm
    • Neoprene and Lycra material
    • Sold in pair
    • Different size: S / M / L
    • warranty 1 year 

    Choose the right size!

    Measure the circumference of your knee in the center of your kneecap. We advise you to select the larger size if your measure is at the top end of a size:

    • XS: less than 26.5 cm
    • S: from 26.5 to 31.5 cm
    • M: from 31.5 to 34.5 cm
    • L: from 34.5 to 37 cm
    • XL: greater than 37 cm

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