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Cable RPM rope color
  • Cable RPM rope color

Cable RPM color rope


Increase your speed

This bare cable without protection sheath allows you to replace the sheathed cable supplied with your RMP 3.0 rope.

This bare cable is recommended for experienced users. Indeed, this cable is thinner, lighter and therefore faster than the cable coated with a protective sheath.

Several colors available.

NOTE: Suitable for RPM Speed Rope 2.0 and RPM Speed Rope 3.0.

RPM Cable Color
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CossLiftor is the only French retailer to offer the RPM brand!


This bare cable is more fragile and more "painful" than cable covered with a sheath

Do not jump on concrete or other rough surfaces<br />Use only on rubber gym floors or other similar smooth surfaces for the cable to last over time

If the cable meets the skin naked at full speed, it may "sting", so do not jump barefoot

Before use, check that the cable is correctly sized and cut with high quality pliers to prevent the cable from fraying. Make sure the screw is firmly attached to the rope!

Data sheet

1,8 mm