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Work your explosiveness with the hammer!

Hammers are used to work on various power and strength exercises such as striking on rubber tires.

  • You can improve your coordination, strength, explosiveness and your endurance.
  • You can perform cardiovascular dynamic training sessions.
  • - Color: black
  • - Made of steel
  • - Available in different weights

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Hammers for your strength!

Very effective, this equipment allows you to work your entire body. The functional movements that you make the hammers perform improve your coordination, your explosiveness, your strength or your stamina. The hammers bring you a complete physical preparation. High-intensity exercises will allow you to tap into all your cardiovascular abilities. Available in several weights, you will be able to select the workload according to your level and type of training sought.


Description of the hammers:

  • Color: black
  • Material: steel

Available weights:

  • Hammers 6 kg
  • Hammers 8 kg
  • Hammers 10 kg
  • Hammers 12 kg
  • Hammers 15 kg
  • Hammers 20 kg
  • Hammers 25 kg