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 Leather grips
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Reeva Leather grips


Strong leather grips

These 100% Asutralian kangaroo leather grips will form a second layer of protective skin! Increase the number of repetitions on gymnastic movements such as toes to bar, pull-up, muscle up, etc. These leather grips, strong and thin, form the shape of your hands to allow you to keep all the sensations when you grip the barbell. These kangaroo leather grips will also help you to keep your hands healthy, for your protection and your comfort.

 Reeva Leather Grips:

  • Adopt the shape of your hand
  • Flexi-grip
  • Ultra-resistant kangaroo leather
  • Integrated wristband: 70% cotton, 5% polyester, 25% elastic
  • Band size: Length: 35 cm x Width: 7.6 cm
  • Suitable for men and women
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Choose your leather grips !

Here is for you a small guide to choose the size of your grips according to the size of the palm of your hand:

Handle XS: 10.5 cm
Manique S: 11 cm
Manicure M: 11.5 cm
Potholder L: 12 cm
Manique XL: 12.5 cm
The Reeva leather grips will perfectly protect your hands while leaving you a natural feeling when taking your bar to ensure excellent performance. These leather cuffs match the shape of the palm of your hand so that you keep sensations intact, your hand will be protected. You will then have the possibility to increase the number of your repetitions during each series. The Reeva Handgrips guarantee excellent grip while maintaining a very good rotation to allow your wrists to rotate around the bar and thus be able to "kipper" with intensity safely.

You will not have to worry about your grip anymore and will be able to concentrate on the technique of performing your gymnastics movements. The integrated wristbands will give you the support you need without losing the flexibility of your wrist. To be the most versatile and personalized possible, Reeva grips are available in 5 sizes (XS / S / M / L / XL) to allow all gymnasts to find the help that suits him for his training and competitions