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Ball Grip 75mm


Crossliftor Ball Grip 75mm!

The Ball Grip is the perfect tool to work on your grip strength and strengthen your wrists. Thanks to it you will be able to execute all your exercises of traction.

Its attachment system with strap and carabiner allows hanging directly on the cage / Rig.

Characteristics :

  • Cast ball
  • Diameter of the ball: 65 mm
  • Weight: 500 g
  • Strap: length 39 cm, width 4 cm
  • individually Sold

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Traction balls for an expert grip 

This Bone Grip to suspend was proposed to you by Crossliftor. The Bone Grip is an accessory to be positioned on your cage or on your tow bar to improve your grip and your grip. You will be able to pull without any fatigue of your grip. Their cast iron material offers a good grip strength and is resistant to magnesia. Its simple attachment system allows you to carry them everywhere and remove them very quickly.

Characteristics of the Bone Grip :

  • Bone grip in cast iron
  • Axis length: 25 mm
  • Diameter of the balls: 65 mm
  • Total length: 38 cm 
  • Strap: length 39 cm, Width 4 cm 
  • Sold by unit 
Your order will be formed after the product will back in stock. Estimated Availability Date: 30-07-2021