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Musculation Chains
  • Musculation Chains
  • Musculation Chains

Musculation Chains - Pair


Strength Chains!

The weight chains can be attached to the 2 handles of an Olympic bar. Chains are ideal for progressive exercises like bench press, deadlifts, squats, etc.

Characteristics :

  • Chains are sold in pairs, including clamping rings (50 mm)
  • Weight per existing pair: 14 kg/ 30lbs , 18kg/ 40lbs  or 27kg/ 59lbs
  • Lengths: 180 cm
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Strength Chains ! 

Strength chains are used to weigh down your bar and perform on progressive work. Indeed, more you raise the chains, more it has an impact on the total weight of your bar. You can then develop your strength! Strength chains are available on different weights to suit your level and workload. 

Technical Characteristics:

  • Strength chains are sold in pairs
  • Olympic diameter clamping rings (50 mm)
  • Rate corresponding to the pairs 
  • Weight corresponding to the pairs 
  • Length: 180 cm