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    • Folding Gym Mat
      Folding Gym Mat

      The Folding Gym Mat for so many movements ! For HSPU, Hand Stand Walk,...

      105,00 €
    • Puzzle Gym Floor 15 mm
      Puzzle Gym Floor 15 mm

      Good price-quality ratio   All the m² are made of a special high of...

      45,00 €
    • Parallettes

      The mini parallettes! Work on your cladding and on your balancing with...

      119,00 €
    • Push Pull Sled
      Push Pull Sled

      Work in your speed and explosiveness! Ideal for working on your...

      219,00 €
    • Adjustable bench
      Adjustable bench

      Adjustable Bench 13 positions! High-quality adjustable bench: flat,...

      339,00 €

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